Why I Believe There’s Beauty in Everything

Why I believe in beauty in everything | Thetique

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I’m often told that my outlook on life is naive, being lead to believe that life can’t be made up entirely of things like: true love and passion and fulfilled dreams. I’m told that seeing the world through a glass half-full is too optimistic–too young–and that one person can never really have it all. The weight of the negativity that this world carries is overwhelming, contagious even. “This is reality,” they say.
“And it isn’t always beautiful.”

Well I, for one, disagree. You see, the beauty in which I choose to view my world with isn’t always concerned with what’s visually appealing. For me, beauty can be those quiet moments, like when an individual finds their voice for the very first time and dives headfirst into uncharted territory. It can be something stable, like the security you feel when you’re surrounded by the people who know you best. It can be ever-present, like the character of someone’s heart. And other times short-lived, like remembering one of the best nights of your life, but only long enough for it to make you blush. Beauty can be graceful. It can be unexpected. And it can be the type that rises from the ashes of our deepest hurt. Beauty is, in all honesty and its core, evolutionary and a bit different for everyone. Beauty is unconventional.

Seeing beauty isn’t solely about being optimistic, either. It’s about viewing the world through a different lens and seeing things not for what they appear to be, but for all that they really are. You have to allow yourself the privilege of seeing all aspects of a situation or person or even yourself. You have to give yourself the happiness along with the hurt, the good in spite of the bad. The way I see it, if we allow ourselves to cling solely to the pieces of our lives that hurt us or deceive us or make us feel small, then we are denying ourselves the right to feel things like joy and strength.
We are denying ourselves the right to see our beauty.

Now, I’m not quite sure where we lost our way, and I can’t sit here and put into words why bad things happen or why our society’s perception of this topic is so incredibly one-dimensional. I don’t have those answers, and I don’t know that I ever will. But what I can tell you is this: beauty starts within you. And no, I’m not saying that in the corny or generic sense. Beauty is something that we actively choose to see; and we are the sole decision-makers when it comes to deciding how to view it. We can choose to get tied down to our hurt and insecurities, or we can choose to see past all that. At the end of the day, there’s a little bit of good–a little bit of beauty–in everything. For me, that’s God. But regardless of how you look at it, it’s still an ever-present truth. My one hope for you is that you’re able to find your beauty, every singe day, and live it. You’d be surprised at how much is out there, and how much you have left to find. xx, t.

    • So here’s the gist of my comment that never went through!

      I love you! You’re wonderful and I’m glad that you and your sweet, optimistic soul is in the world and in my life.

  • Tiana this was such a thought provoking read. “Seeing beauty isn’t solely about being optimistic, either. It’s about viewing the world through a different lens and seeing things not for what they appear to be, but for all that they really are.” you couldn’t have said it better :)

  • Such a beautifully refreshing perspective! You’re absolutely right; beauty formulates in our minds. We don’t necessarily choose what we see, but we choose how we see things. And it’s okay to be a little naive sometimes. It gives people like that an innocence that hasn’t been tampered with, which is especially wonderful when they’ve experienced the not so good parts of life before.

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