My Mission: Thetique

Music by the always lovely Aliza Carter Band; thank you for sharing your talents with me.
Video produced in collaboration with Kelsey Lemons

My last semester in college, I took a class called “Visiting Designers” where creatives from all over DFW came to give us projects of their choosing. The last designer to come was a creative director named Trey, and his assignment for us was to take a piece that we had already worked on and expand it to better meet the needs of the ever-growing digital market. I pitched a number of different ideas for this project without any real luck until finally one day Trey suggested that I create some collateral for Thetique.

This video is the result of that assignment, and I have to say, I’m pretty nervous to be showing it to you guys. In the process of creating it, I kept reiterating that I wanted to produce something that truly got to the heart of why I started this blog at all – something that would allow me to be incredibly transparent with my audience. So I grabbed my friend Kelsey, stripped away the comfort zones, and simply began talking. I fumble over my words, I wish I would’ve brushed my hair a bit more, and I am by no means a video expert. But this is real – and it’s me. So thank you so much, Trey, for challenging me in this project and for believing in me. Thank you to my mama and Sam, who encouraged me to post this video at all. And most importantly, thank you to all of you guys, for giving me a platform to create freely and do what I love. xx, t.

  • Such a beautiful video! Tiana, I remember you as a student in my Honors 10 English class! You were (and still are) such a reflective thinker and a beautiful writer. You are meant to inspire others. Best of luck with your endeavors!

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
    ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

    –Mrs. Moore :)

    • Mrs. Moore! Your comment on this post was such a great surprise. Thank you so much for you kind words and for all of the encouragement! It truly means so much.

      It’s funny, just the other day Aidan and I were commenting on how much we loved you and your class. I hope you know it had a big impact on my love for writing and literature – truly one of my favorites in high school!

      Thank you again for being such a light for me, and for taking the time to leave such a sweet note. I hope you are well! xoxo

  • I tried cosmetology school in South Carolina, but I realized my true passion was with esthetics. Now I am here in New York, excited and eager to start my new mission!

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