The (Very) Best Product for Silky Hair | Full Review of the L’Oreal Pro Fiber System

The Secret to Silky Hair | L'Oreal Pro Fiber Hair Treatment

Have you ever wished that you could transform your hair to the texture it was when you were younger? I know I have. Growing up with a mom as a cosmetologist, I’ve done everything in the book to the strands on my head. Colored them, straightened them, curled them. That said, it’s tough to put so much heat and pressure on your hair without it taking some sort of toll in the long run. Therefore, I’m constantly searching for products to revive my hair’s vitality and silkiness – to give me back the smooth strands I had and never quite appreciated when I was younger.

I’ve never really found the right solution… until now. Now before I give you the inside scoop on this product, I have to tell you: hair is not something that I mess around with or take lightly. I’m extremely picky and I wouldn’t talk about a product unless I truly believed in it. More than that, I wouldn’t talk about a product unless I actually thought it was worth talking about. And I can tell you, without a shred of doubt in my mind, that I 150% believe in the L’Oreal Pro Fiber System.

L'Oreal Pro Fiber Hair Treatment

How it works: The L’Oreal Pro Fiber System has a lot of moving parts. First, you’ll want to schedule an appointment at a salon that carries the line so that you can have your first leave-in treatment. This treatment is part product that a professional stylists puts on your locks during a shampoo, part product that they blow-dry into your hair for long-term results. The cool thing? It’s not chemically induced like a Brazilian blowout and smells wonderful – like sandalwood and patchouli. If you’re in Omaha, I’d definitely recommend the Stephanie Moss Salon and to book with either Trayci, Chelsea or Stephanie. Their treatments start at $25 and they are truly the best around.

Once you’ve been to the salon, there is a take-home treatment that you should purchase for upkeep. Because as you know, long-lasting results don’t happen overnight. There are three different stages of the system based on your hair’s makeup and what it needs most. I’d recommend talking with one of the stylists to ensure that you get the right stage for you. From there, it’s super simple: you have a shampoo, a conditioner and a leave-in treatment that you’ll want to use every time you wash your hair. Then, after every fourth shampoo, you’ll swap out your conditioner for a little tube that packs an extra treatment.

The Secret to Silky Hair | L'Oreal Pro Fiber Hair Treatment

Why it’s so good: Most of the products that we put on our hair on a day-to-day basis are temporary fixes. They treat our strands from the outside and only penetrate a few layers. This system is different. This system treats your hair from the inside out – penetrating it more deeply and combatting the problem at its root.

More than that, if I being completely honest,  there’s just never been a product that I’ve felt I could physically see and feel the results of. And with using the L’Oreal Pro Fiber System, my hair feels physically and visibly softer every time I use it. So if you’re interested in healing your hair – whether you just want it to be a bit silkier or you have years of damage to repair – I’d definitely recommend giving this system a shot. You won’t regret it. xx, t.

The Secret to Silky Hair | L'Oreal Pro Fiber Hair Treatment
The Secret to Silky Hair | L'Oreal Pro Fiber Hair Treatment

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