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Noruz Organics | Thetique

Top to bottom: Rose Petal Scrub | Coffee Scrub | Green Tea Scrub | Cinnamon Sugar Scrub c/o Noruz Organics

As we begin to shake off the layers of winter, it seems only inevitable to start looking for ways to improve our skin. From our face to our shoulders, and all the way down until our toes, I think it’s safe to say that we want to put our best “skin” forward as we leap into the upcoming warmer weather months.

I know that I especially am always looking for ways to soften up my skin as I prepare for things like bikinis, shorts, and sleeveless tops. So when Noruz Organics asked if I’d try a few of their scrubs, I was too the moon! But if you want to skip the long review part, I’ll simply say this: they rocked my world.

Noruz Organics | Thetique

The Pros

They’re impactful and long-lasting: First, can I start this part of the review by saying that I’m picky? Because I am. Especially when it comes to exfoliation. I don’t have sensitive skin, so I like my scrubs to be more on the intense side. I want to feel that they’re working. And that’s one of the reasons why I liked Noruz Organics so much.

Their scrubs have a somewhat dry consistency. So when I opened the container, I questioned if they’d do anything at all. However as I started to use the scrub on my legs, I could really feel it at work. It didn’t hurt, but it also didn’t feel like the granules were disintegrating on contact either – which was nice!

They’re packed with essential oils: I love that the Noruz Organics scrubs aren’t super oily like many other exfoliators tend to be. And the cool part? They’re still loaded with really great natural moisturizers, such as coconut oil and almond oil. Therefore when you wash away the scrub, your skin is still left feeling incredibly soft.

They’re organic and natural: I don’t tend to be someone that gets too strict when it comes to my beauty products being organic. However if I have a product that I love and know that it’s organic, it’s a slam dunk in my book.

With these scrubs, I love that I can read every single ingredient on the ingredient list. It makes me feel better knowing that everything I’m putting onto my skin is not only effective, but also safe.


Noruz Organics | Thetique

The Cons

It lacks shelf appeal: The only downfall that I have with these scrubs is the packaging. As a graphic designer, packaging is everything to me. If I saw this item on the shelf at a drugstore, I don’t know that my eye would be drawn to it first. However, don’t let that deter you from enjoying what’s inside! The product is truly great, even if the packaging is more on the simpler side.

Noruz Organics | Thetique

Pricing and Recommendations

The Noruz Organics scrubs range anywhere from $10 – $16 a pop, and in my opinion, are worth every penny! For the price, you receive a great amount of product and it will last you quite a while.

Also, if you’re curious which of the four scrubs is my favorite? I, without a doubt, have to go with the Green Tea Scrub. Not only is it a great exfoliator for your body, but it’s also fantastic for your face, especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin. More than that, they add a touch of lemongrass to the mixture which makes it smell incredible.

Noruz Organics | Thetique

Noruz Organics | Thetique

A big thanks to Noruz Organics for sponsoring this post.

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