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LovelySkin Luxe Review | Thetique
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Taking great care of my skin has always been a vital part of my daily routine. Every morning and every evening I set aside precious time in order to follow a carefully crafted regimen. I understand that some of you reading this may not be as meticulous or fussy about your skin as I am. However, if you want one of my biggest tips for maintaining a clear complexion and keeping pesky popups at bay, I definitely suggest sticking to a routine day and night.

To give you a bit of background information on my particular skin type, I’m both oily and acne-prone. Throughout high school, I was able to keep breakouts away by maintaining a simple cleanse + tone + moisturize routine. However, the stresses of college brought about a whole new series of skin battles (Think: full-blown acne.) This is when I really had to start thinking carefully about what it was that I was putting both on my skin and in my body.

Even after I was able to clear up my skin about 90% of the way, I still always had at least one breakout lingering around. It wasn’t until I was introduced to LovelySkin and the LovelySkin LUXE line by award-winning dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Schlessinger,  that all of that began to change. There are so many products from that I use daily and could never live without. However, I thought I’d introduce you to my skincare routine by first reviewing the LovelySkin LUXE line, which was the beginning of a huge change for the better for both myself and my skin.

Also if in reading this review you grow interested in the LovelySkin LUXE line or any other products that offers, use the code TIANA20 for 20% off your first purchase (some exclusions may apply!)

LovelySkin Luxe Review | Thetique

Step 1: Clarifying Gel Cleanser – If I could only choose one product from the LovelySkin LUXE line to keep in my routine, this would hands down be it. In my totally frank and honest opinion, it is a knockout when it comes to cleansers. It’s gentle, yet effective and does a fantastic job at not only cleansing my skin, but also aiding in keeping breakouts at bay. I use it both morning and night with my Foreo Luna Mini, and I cannot live without it. This cleanser is without a doubt a holy grail product for me!

Step 2: Toner Mist with 3% Amino Acids – Toners were always a product that I felt I could get away with not using. I later found out from the LovelySkin staff (Big shoutout to Tressa!) that toners can be an extremely helpful and versatile product to keep in your regimen. I love this toner in particular because it keeps my skin’s moisture levels balanced, something I assumed I didn’t need to do having oily skin (wrong!) Not only that but it helps to calm my skin if it’s irritated and just feels really nice after a long day. I’ll spritz a few pumps on my skin after I’ve cleansed, or I’ll even use it as a makeup setting spray!

Step 2.5 Exfoliating Gel Max 19%  (not photographed) – This gel is another standout that I contribute a lot of my skin-clearing success to! I use it every other night to deeply penetrate and exfoliate my skin in order to keep it clear of any breakouts. One thing I will mention is that I do not have sensitive skin. I love active products that I can physically feel at work. That said, this product does have a slight tingling effect (similar to when get a mild glycolic peel.) Therefore if you have acne (or simply want a good exfoliator) but also have sensitive skin, I might recommend one of the lower percentages! It’s the same gel and formula, just a bit milder.

LovelySkin Luxe Review | Thetique

Step 3: Mattifying Antioxidant Moisturizer – This is another product I simply don’t think I could live without. It is the perfect balance of moisture and matte, and has such a nice weight to it (not too heavy, not too light so it glides on like a dream!) As I briefly mentioned before, I always thought that I didn’t need any extra moisture because my skin is already oily. Once again, I was wrong! This moisturizer keeps my skin incredibly soft, but also shine-free. I also love that it contains Resveratrol, so it helps to protect against free radical damage and any other toxins that exist in our environment.

Step 4: Brightening Eye Cream – I know what you all are thinking, “You’re twenty-three! You don’t need eye cream.” But as I mentioned before, I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to taking care of my skin and a big part of that process is prevention. Not only that, but this eye cream does more than prevent wrinkles. It also helps to combat dark circles and puffiness! I’ll pat a small amount under my eyes with my fingers both morning and night in order to look brighter and more refreshed!

In the end, the LovelySkin family and the LovelySkin LUXE line have both been a life savers when it comes to clearing my skin. You guys know that I wouldn’t talk about any product or company unless I wholeheartedly believed in it. I can say, without a shred of doubt in my mind, that I believe in Dr. Schlessinger. I believe in this line. And I believe in LovelySkin.

Taking good care of your skin is an investment. But your skin stays with you your entire life! We owe it to ourselves to get meticulous and to invest in a regimen that works. If you’re interested in purchasing from LovelySkin, don’t forget to use the code TIANA20 for 20% off your first purchase. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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