2016 Fall Beauty Trends to Try

2016 Fall Beauty Trends

Sometimes I’m a bit hesitant of trends. Not necessarily because I don’t like them or don’t feel that I’ll sport them successfully, but more for the fact that they’re just that: trends. They’re fleeting, ever-evolving, ever-changing. And with the often quick transition from one trend to another, comes room for exploration. I.E – Sometimes the trends are really nuts.

So when researching what’s going to be “in” for beauty this fall, I made sure to take special note of the trends that are both wearable and also potentially long-lasting. Without further adieu, here are seven beauty trends to try this fall.

  1. The Smokey Eye – Classic in every sense of the word, the smokey eye is here to stay. If you’re one that tends to shy away from dark colors and lots of blending, now is the time to break out of that shell and go for something bold.
  2. Low Braids – Lucky for those of us who aren’t so great at hair, complex braids are a thing of the past. This fall, try one that’s low, sleek and simple.
  3. Hints of Silver – To add a bit of glow to your life, try silver eyeshadow. Whether you apply it in the inner corners of your eyes or all over the lid, you’re sure to make a statement. Subtle, but chic.
  4. Low Ponytails – If the low braid is still too much, try opting for a low ponytail instead. Just as sleek with a bit more ease! And if you want to feel girly, try adding a gold barrette.
  5. 60s Inspired Vibes – Think Twiggy! Bold, doll-like lashes and pixie cuts.
  6. Refined Curls – Don’t worry, the days of beach curls and loose waves aren’t gone forever. But this fall, try swapping out your 1.25″ curling iron for something smaller and opt for tighter, more refined curls.
  7. Dark Lips – This may come as no surprise, but dark lips are a must this fall. Instead of your reds however, try going for something even bolder.

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