Something Effortless


Leith Wide Leg Jumpsuit (similar) | Chokers found here and here | Vince Platforms | Photos by Hunter Raineri

There’s a part of me that loves the complex facet of fashion: the ever-changing trends, the intricate detailing on certain garments, the layers. However there’s a bigger part of me that thinks personal style and the things that you choose to wear daily should be effortless. When you put something on, it should give you that ah-ha, deep breath moment of clarity. The one that allows you to look in the mirror and both look and feel confident.

One of those effortless pieces in my closet, something that makes me feel that way, is the jumpsuit. I don’t know what it is about a jumpsuit, but the moment that I glide into the fabric, I instantly feel good. I feel confident and a tad bit sexy, but most importantly, I don’t feel like I had to try too hard. And to be completely honest, that’s an awesome feeling.

I love that one’s personal style is all about expression. So if you want to go for something bold and complex, you absolutely can and should. But just remember to leave room for those faithful, tried-and-true pieces, the ones that you know you can always return to in the end.






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